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Sandy Beach

Turn EP/S Pass employees into PRs. Retain talent, free from renewal hassles and save your resources 

We will support retaining your foreign talent without using your resources.

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Renewing EP and S Pass is becoming increasingly challenging.

The Singapore government has been strengthening the Singaporean Core policies to promote the employment of Singaporeans and PR holders.

The new COMPASS framework introduced in September 2023 for evaluating EP applications assesses not only the attributes of individual employees, but also the diversity of the company’s workforce. Consequently, the environment for hiring foreign workers is becoming increasingly challenging.

Additionally, the progressively increasing minimum qualifying salary and levies continue to put the extra burden on companies hiring foreign talent.

Retain your EP and S Pass employees through PR applications

Retain top foreign talent without being tied to Pass renewals

With stricter approval criteria for Passes, renewing existing passes has become challenging. Converting them to PR allows you to retain top talent without renewal uncertainties.

Addition to your company's employee benefits package

Supporting PR applications as part of your employee benefits promotes long-term tenure at the company, enhancing employee satisfaction and effectively retaining your company's top talent.

Free from minimum qualifying salary, enabling flexible wage settings

Minimum qualifying salaries for Pass holders increase as the policy threshold is revised and they get older. Shifts to PR status for EP and S Pass holders will avoid salary hikes with Pass renewals and also gain flexibility in setting wages.

Boost your COMPASS Diversity score

Converting foreign talent to local talent enhances Diversity scores in COMPASS assessment, providing an advantage in future EP applications.

Creating opportunities for hiring new foreign talent

Converting EP and S Pass holders to PR opens up quota for hiring new, talented foreign professionals while retaining existing skilled foreign workforce.

Reducing internal resources for EP and S Pass renewals

Removing the need for periodic EP and S Pass renewal applications frees up internal resources, which can be allocated to more critical tasks.

Reasons to introduce our services

Simply connect us with your interested employees. We will take care of the rest.

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Direct contracts with your employees

We make a direct contract with your employees who wishes to engage with us. All you need to do is simply connect us with the relevant employees, and we handle the rest. There's no hassle of signing a contract for you.

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Special price for your employee

We offer an exclusively discounted competitive rate for employees referred by you company.

Old-Fashioned Clock

Simply wait for the result after you make a request

Our designated consultants specialising in PR applications handle each client to ensure a smooth and satisfactory process. You won't need to manage the progress. Simply await our report on the application outcome after placing a request.

Book a Meeting

Check out our avaialability and book a date/time that works for you.

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